About  D. Paul

Impressionistic artist that focuses on form and color.

I was born in Rexburg Idaho. Growing up I had an intimate love affair with the great outdoors, hunting and fishing was a mainstay for me. This opportunity to spend a lot of time in the outdoors gave me a  great appreciation for the wonders of nature.  From the forest, rivers and creeks, to the spectacular sunrises and majestic sunsets. When I travel into the mountains, it’s like getting a breath of fresh air that re-invigorates my inner core.  I didn’t know how to share these feelings and vistas that were so important to me at that time.

Sometime later in my life I started to try to paint, which was interesting, because I couldn’t draw a straight line. I met an artist that changed my life’s perspective. His name is Ovanes Berberian.  I was so awed by his ability to interpret what he sees and put color on a canvas, that I had to try to learn how to do what he was doing. I studied with him for about nine years learning to “see” the various colors, hues and the subtle intermix of these in nature that were always around me. I’m still working on really seeing the world around me as it really is. It’s kind of like seeing a flower. We see it and think that “that’s” all there is to see. But a bee see's another light spectrum, and the flower becomes something entirely different.  As an artist I strive to see past the immediate view and look for the subtleties that are inherent in everything around us. Through the medium of oil and canvas, I have found a way of sharing those thoughts and feelings with others. Creating a good painting is some of the hardest work I have ever done, but when you finally get it right it is some of the most rewarding work there is.

A writer tells his story with words, with a pen and paper. As an artist I try to tell my story with oils and brushes on canvas. I hope that you enjoy my “story” as much as I have “writing it”.

Dana Green,who has a pen name of D Paul ,lives in Rigby Idaho with his wife on a eight (8) acre ranch. Together they have nine (9) children and thirty one (31) grandchildren, 6 cows and 3 cats.

Next Step

If you have any interest in purchasing any of my paintings, please give me a call.                                            208-589-4410


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